Playset Ready for Pickup


I first contacted Randy at Play Again Swing Sets when I began the process of looking for a playset for my son. After receiving sticker shock at the local Rainbow dealer, I realized a used/refurbished unit made the most sense considering the cost savings and the fact that these older sets are built from the same quality materials as new ones. Plus they're more heavy duty than the lightweight kits available from Costco. When I researched those sets, I found they have a lot of cute but small parts and they don't have a long lifespan, or there would be more of them for sale online. I wanted a set that would have a lot of activities, but would also last a long time!

Playset Moved & Installed w/Modifications

Randy was incredible throughout the process. He took the time to explain the differences in the woods, sets, and options for my play set. He worked with me to find the right set for my son and even presented some nice custom built solutions. 

Once we found the right package, things only went better.

Play Again Swing Sets was the lowest cost to not only move the play set I purchased, but also to repair it at my home. Randy and Jason showed up on time, explained the process of assembly, and fully inspected my used unit.  The support post for the Tire Swing beam was buried in concrete and therefore not re-usable at my home which is a more level site.  So they picked up the materials at Menards on the way to my home and installed it the same day!  Thanks so much!

Tim R.





Kent W., Crystal Lake