Are you moving to a new home?

Bring your kids swingset with you! Relocatons are often a great time to make minor repairs, powerwash and re-stain.  Taking care of your investment will result in getting the greatest return when your kids have outgrown it and you find it a new home with kids who will love it almost as much as yours!

Buying a Pre-Loved set online?

On a budget?  Lots of terrific bargains online, especially Craigslist and Facebook.  Let us help you find the best bargains. Rainbow, Playnation, Backyard Adventures, Discovery, Gorilla, Cedarworks, Woodplay, Merrytime.  Even DIYPlaystar Playgrounds from Menards. 

When we move a Playset or Swingset for you, we actually help you find and secure the best available set to meet your needs and give you tips to negotiate the lowest price!

How It Works

You Find A Playset

Best Values are often found searching Craigslist in your area.  Also Facebook, Neighborhood Groups and online Garage Sales.  Send us a link or picture(s) of the set(s) you are interested in, along with the asking price and we'll help you by evaluating the set and provide you with tips to reduce that price, as well as a firm cost of the relocation to your home.

We Move It For You

We've moved over a thousand sets and are experts at this part. Most moves completed in the same day.  We are easy to get hold of, very responsive and communicate well throughout the whole process so you can focus on the other parts of your life.   We also move Playhouses, Sheds and Gazebos.

We Make It Easy For You

We realize you have other could try to do this yourself.  You'll quickly find that the hardware in these older sets doesn't always come out easily without special tools or technique. Once you do get it to your backyard, the larger the set the more complex the puzzle becomes when it's time to reassemble. Over the years our clients have told us how much they appreciate working with a professional playset moving company like us instead of a general handyman, neighborhood young adults or even trying to get a group of buddies together on the same day.  Every year we get called in to fix or finish these partially completed projects and many times we end up bringing replacement parts (usually slides) that were somehow lost or broken in transit!




Pickup and Deliveries in this area are considered "Local". Prices will vary slightly depending on size of Playset, number of components and accessibility of both backyards. Pictures of set and/or links, if online, along with whether either yard is fenced, open, etc. will help us provide you with an accurate quote which will not change. Cash or Card Only after completion.

Please keep in mind that MOVE dates are subject to change due to weather. We will not compromise the safety of our employees nor risk damage to our equipment or your Playset but will simply reschedule with you! 

PLAYSET MOVES - Outside Primary Service Area

Pick-Up and Delivery outside our primary Service Area is available, but will require a custom quote and deposit. 

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